Recommendation Letter from Ron Busuttil

“When asked, ‘ What most impressed me with the car ?’ my answer related to the fact that not only did I purchase the car, but also commissioned modifications solely by telephone.”

-Ron Busuttil, M.D., Ph.D.

"Doug, your reputation is beyond reproach. I have bought several Ferraris in my lifetime, and I know when I buy from you I am buying a car from a reputable person."

-Joe Perella

"The exhaust and engine work you did are spectacular! The car sounds completely wonderful - I can actually hear it swallowing air, and I have no doubt the bad headers were causing all kind of backpressure issues -- the increase in power is kind of breathtaking. Obviously the timing correction has a lot to do with that as well. I feel pretty sure the car runs better than it did when it was delivered new to Sonny Crockett back in 1997. And it sounds like a Ferrari again, not a landscaping truck!"

"The engine compartment is vastly improved as well, and the resurfaced console etc. looks most excellent."

"None of this was cheap, but it was all well worth it. A job really, really well done!"

-Mike Offit

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January, 2017

Maserati A6 Tribute Driving on street

Maserati A6 Tribute suspension

Maserati A6 Tribute: engine start up

Ferrari for Sale

1981 512 BB carbureted Ferrari for sale, Black/Crema

Tools and books. One owner since new, and we have known this car since new. Just finishing a total restoration: stripped to bare metal, engine out for major service including valves and carb overhaul, complete detailing, new dash, new weather stripping, original color black with original Crema interior, A great carbureted Boxer. 26,000 kilometers.

Asking $495,000

1988 Mercedes 560 SL

Beautiful Silver Blue exterior/ Blue interior, absolutely NO rust on body or chassis, previous owner Gold Coast/Glen Cove Long Island resident, a weekend/country club car with Country club sticker on windshield, New heads, new timing chain, overhauled fuel injection system by H&R Fuel Injection/ Ronkonkoma, NY. 83k miles. New exhaust, new calipers, rotors, new weather strip seals on convertible top and hard top, new convertible top, new A.C. compressor, 50% original paint, new tires.

Asking $29,000