My friend, I have bought 3 amazing cars from you. I respect your integrity, honesty and loyalty to do the best in your power to provide your friends the best car, exceeding their expectations. Also was impressed the follow up that Doug did with the Daytona, and Janet's persistence to make sure all the shipments were done to my satisfaction.

I know I'm young (comparing to most of your clients), but if I ever want any car, not only a Ferrari, you are the FIRST one I will approach. An example of my trust is that please let the money stay with berlinetta, and we will adjust it to my next purchase.

I thank you (all) for the experince of knowing that there is one company that I can fully trust.

- C.B. Arya

PS: my special regards to Janet. -- She's always been very nice to me.

Recommendation Letter from Ron Busuttil

“When asked, ‘ What most impressed me with the car ?’ my answer related to the fact that not only did I purchase the car, but also commissioned modifications solely by telephone.”

-Ron Busuttil, M.D., Ph.D.

"Doug, your reputation is beyond reproach. I have bought several Ferraris in my lifetime, and I know when I buy from you I am buying a car from a reputable person."

-Joe Perella

"The exhaust and engine work you did are spectacular! The car sounds completely wonderful - I can actually hear it swallowing air, and I have no doubt the bad headers were causing all kind of backpressure issues -- the increase in power is kind of breathtaking. Obviously the timing correction has a lot to do with that as well. I feel pretty sure the car runs better than it did when it was delivered new to Sonny Crockett back in 1997. And it sounds like a Ferrari again, not a landscaping truck!"

"The engine compartment is vastly improved as well, and the resurfaced console etc. looks most excellent."

"None of this was cheap, but it was all well worth it. A job really, really well done!"

-Mike Offit

© 2005- J.M. Pirrone

Berlinetta Motorsports Ltd. is an independent enterprise and is not affiliated with Ferrari S.p.A.,Ferrari North America Inc., any club, Ferrari dealer or distributor."

By: Carbon McCoy
Spring, 2010
What's In Store...
Before we begin, I just want to mention that if you're having trouble viewing this text - if it's too small - you can simply make it larger by holding down the control (CTRL) button on your keyboard and scrolling up with your mouse WHEEL simultaneously. Additionally, you can also make the text smaller with that same process, only scrolling downward with your mouse wheel.

...aaaand we're back!

It's been three months since our last issue - did you miss me? A lot has happened since December - for starters Schumacher's got a new gig and so do I! That and more in the Spring issue of The Berlinetta Letter...

...so what are you waiting for? Scroll down!
This Issue's Trivia Question!

Last Issue's Fun Fact and trivia question:

Last issue's trivia question was actually a year-end compilation of 30 obscure questions! I went a little overboard, but we do have a winner:

Fun Fact winner is:

Edvar van Daalen:
Edvar answered 29 of the 30 questions correctly, beating out the valiant efforts of many of our subscribers.

I pride myself on my Ferrari obsession, but Edvar, a world-renowned Testarossa/512 TR/F512 M expert, has forgotten more than I'll ever know. Thank you, Edvar!  For his $150 gift certificate, Edvar choose a subscription to Cavallino magazine.

Honorable Mentions:

Carl G. Lopp:
Carl was one of the first to respond to our quiz - and he answered 28 questions correctly. I was certain he was going to win.

Lawrence Elliott:
Lawrence received our December issue and reviewed the questions, but he didn't have time to reply and answer each one. Much to my surprise, Lawrence called me from his car. He insisted that I ask him each question while he sat in traffic. I saw little hope in his intention, but Lawrence managed to answer 27 questions correctly! Some people never cease to amaze me.

Nika Rolczewski: Nika always manages to put a smile on my face. And at her suggestion, I just might bore everyone with an Enzo quiz in a later issue this year!  : )

Thanks, everyone, for humoring me and this insane quiz. I hope this month's single trivia question doesn't bore you. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, and would like to see the December 2009 issue, just click here.

Now for this issue's Trivia Question . . .

When did Ferrari switch from using Glasurit paint to PPG paint? The correct year would be sufficient, but the closest month/year combination will win. The exact date will win instantly. Good luck!

Just remember e-mail your response to berlinettamotorcars2@gmail.com.
Ferraris for Sale
Before we begin, I'd like to list the Ferraris that are currently for sale at Berlinetta Motorcars. Let's start with the Daytona...

1972 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona

Yellow/Tan with black inserts. Recent ultra high standard paint and new interior, including proper "mouse fur" dash. U.S. car with power windows and AC. 36,000 miles.  Just completed at Berlinetta Motorcars: engine out full service including valve adjustment, cylinder heads retorqued, carbs rebuilt, cam timing, complete resealing including gasket and O-rings under timing chest cover and new crank shaft seals. Overhaul of brake system and detailing. Overhaul and replacement of all bushings in suspension as well as fanatical detailing of suspension, brake system, brake lines, engine and engine compartment.  Transmission out service with complete reseal and detailing. New stainless Tubi exhaust system. This car is complete. $379,000.

Additional pictures of this Daytona can be seen here.

1972 246 GTS Dino Silver/Black
2004 - 2005 restoration by Berlinetta Motorcars: stripped to bare metal and repainted in original metallic silver "Argento Auteil", stunning! Engine completely rebuilt and detailed. Suspension completely overhauled and detailed, brake system completely rebuilt, new clutch, new exhaust system and manifolds, chassis detailed, five new XWX tires, all new weather stripping, recovered dash with proper mouse fur, 47,145 original miles, California car, delivered new to actor James Coburn. Truly one of the best in the world.  Cavallino Concorso Major Award: Outstanding 6-cylinder Ferrari; Cavallino Classic Gold. $225,000

1972 246 GT S/N 3418, U.S. car.

Same owner for the last 20 years. Maintained at Ferrari dealer. Rosso Chiaro lacquer paint with the usual checking. Original interior. 77,000 miles, excellent compression, excellent mechanicals, excellent transmission. This car runs so beautifully, that there is absolutely no need to rebuild the engine or transmission at this time. New shocks and new ball joints. Power windows. $129,000.

1969 246 GT, S/N 0582, Black/Black

44,000 km. Knock off wheels, Daytona seats with red inserts and beautiful red carpets. Mirror finish black paint by Berlinetta Motorcars just completed, excellent chrome. Recent engine out major service, including new head gaskets, valve adjustment, overhauled carburetors and fuel system, cooling system overhauled as well. 

Engine compartment neat, clean, partially detailed. Center-lock knockoff wheels. This is a very cool, very elegant car. $174,500.

1966 275 GTS Silver/Black

2010 Cavallino Classic Platinum winner. Silver with black seats and red carpets. Totally original, Borranis, superb condition with original paint, 36,000 miles. First delivery: the New York plate from Chinetti is still on the car. Original top and plastic window, original tool roll and tools. An absolute time capsule and an excellent Classiche and Preservation Award candidate. $575,000.

1973 365 GTB/4 "A" Fly Yellow/Black

Original 49,000 kilometers.  This is the very fast, high performance European "A" model. New mouse fur dash and all new leather interior. Rebuilt and detailed undercarriage and suspension. Engine-out under hood detailing. Incredible new paint by Berlinetta Motorcars, all new perfect chrome; new body gaskets. New front and rear glass, new windshield. 5 Borranis, books and tools, Becker Mexico radio. 

Cavallino gold winner prior to books and tools. Now at Platinum level. Absolutely stunning. For the serious collector. 

Garage Party
Here in Southern California, parties are a way of life. There's a party for everything: movie debut parties, new car model launch parties (like the 458 premiere in Beverly Hills - I think my invite got lost in the mail), before parties, after parties - there's always something to celebrate in California!

So while I'm not on anyone's A-list, and I don't spend my Saturday nights rubbing haute couture adorned elbows with the celebrity elite, I still manage to find my way into a few smaller, more intimate gatherings.

So imagine my elation when a friend calls me and says, "Hey, are you going to George's garage party on Saturday?"

"Of course! I wouldn't miss it for the world! Um, just one thing ...what garage party?"

George is an acquaintance here in SoCal who has as much fun sharing his cars as he does driving them. So when he finally finished renovating his garage, he decided to celebrate.

Suddenly my week slowed to a crawl as the anticipation of Saturday built up. The list of cars that would be in attendance were all exciting, but I was most looking forward to ...the Enzo.

Saturday finally came and I was a no-show at the usual car gathering. Because I was on my way to the desert; which is where this party took place.

With all of the hustle and bustle of L.A., and all of the car shows and other events scattered about the lower half of California, there's something to be appreciated about the slower pace in the desert.

The morning started off a blast - literally, a blast through the desert on some very windy, very smooth, and very empty roads. A couple of the hundred miles later, it was lunch time. So we headed back to George's house to check out his new garage - and his barbeque!

It was a wonderful day, filled with good food, great friends and awesome cars. Spring is barely here and the car life is already in full swing. If George's garage party is any indication of how the rest of the year will be, then 2010 will just be one big party. Thanks, George!

Beyond PPI
What started out as a favor for a friend turned out to be a niche business that seems to be catching on. We all want to get paid for doing what we love. This could be the beginning of a beautiful journey...

Just after Christmas, a friend of mine calls me up and tells me he's interested in an Enzo.

"That's great!" I said. But that wasn't all. He continued...

"I'm going to be out of town for a week, so I won't be able to go look at the car. If I fly you out there, will you look at it for me and photograph it and make sure everything is as it should be?"

In case some of you don't know me well enough, his was a rhetorical question. In fact, I'm pretty sure he knew the answer before he even asked.

So the day before New Year's Eve, I hopped on a plane and flew half way across the country. I had quickly adjusted to the sunny and warm climate of California, so the icy reality of the rest of the U.S. was a bit unsettling. But I trudged on - I had an Enzo to inspect!

I arrived at the location of the Enzo just as snow began to fall. Inside, I was able to perform my inspection. But my inspection wasn't simply an arbitrary assemblage of photographs. I combed through the service records and the SD2 print out; I confirmed that the engine number in the warranty card matched the engine number stamped on the engine; I checked for wear on every surface of the car.

With the car up on a lift, I was able to inspect and photograph the undercarriage, the wheel wells and the brakes. I made my way to the interior, then the engine bay, then the books, tools and luggage.

Since the Enzo's body is wholly composed of carbon fiber, I didn't need to use my paint meter. But a thorough examination of all body panels told me that the paint was original.

Four hours and more than 500 pictures later, my job was half way done. The next day, I got on a plane back to California where I spent the day at home putting together a comprehensive report on the Enzo. Fourteen pages later, my report was complete. Each detailed section of the report corresponded to a folder of categorized images on an accompanying flash drive.

I met with my friend the next day and presented my findings. He was impressed to say the least and suggested I turn this into a business.

"But isn't all of this stuff covered during a PPI?" I asked.

"Not to this extent."

And so Beyond PPI was born.

Despite not being educated or equipped to do a compression and leak down test, I have since been hired twice more to inspect cars - one of which was an F40.

For a modest fee, Beyond PPI provides immediate service  -- how many people can leave at a moment's notice? -- and peace of mind: no salesman is willing to spend four hours photographing every inch of a car - especially those areas that might need attention.

If you're in the market for a Ferrari of any era, let Beyond PPI give you the peace of mind that should always come with this kind of purchase. For a sample report, or for more information, contact Beyond PPI at BeyondPPI@gmail.com or 631.796.3565.

Formula One Report
A new season of Formula One has began and things are certainly off to an interesting start...

Last season, when Felipe Massa was injured during a race, there was much speculation as to whether famed former Ferrari F1 driver Michael Schumacher would step in and pick up the slack.

But alas, due to a neck injury (cough cough bs cough), Schumacher declined, and Ferrari wrapped up the 2009 Formula One season in a less-than-stellar fashion.

So 2010 rolls around and guess what? Schumi has returned to the grid! But he's not back in seat racing for Scuderia Ferrari. Noooo, he's racing for Mercedes-Benz! How's that neck doing, Mike? (can you tell that I'm bitter?)

Thankfully, the season got off to promising start in Bahrain where Ferrari team drivers Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa second and third and second respectively on the grid, and finished the race with a one-two punch. Schumacher started third and finished sixth.

Two weeks later in Australia, Felipe and Fernando finished third and fourth after starting seventh and eighth. Schumacher started third and finished 10th.

Then, last weekend in Malaysia, Felipe started seventh and finished seventh, while Fernando started eighth and finished 13th. Schumacher started third and retired with a wheel issue after nine laps.

Meanwhile, Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button are doing their best to keep up, scoring a total of 66 points for McLaren-Mercedes so far this year. Richard Brandon's Virgin-Cosworth has yet to put points on the board, and the new Lotus-Cosworth team is also showing nothing but zeroes so far this season.

After three races, Ferrari is once again at the top with 76 total points. One can only hope that they stay at the top of the list for the rest of the season. But I'll keeping a close eye on Schumacher, Hamilton, and Lotus-Cosworth teammates Heikki Kovalainen and Timo Glock.
Next Issue!
It's only April and the summer fun in California is well under way. There are only four more months until the week-long festivities and craziness in Carmel. Until then, I'll try to stay out of trouble and bring you more Ferrari goings on. Ciao!

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